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Friday, June 29, 2018

Mint Yoga Invests into Fort Thomas Community

An entrepreneur starts with an idea for a business.

It's a risk, but the entrepreneur goes in with clear eyes and a full heart to bring something of their value to their community and in return, their hope is to sustain a viable business for their families and their employees. 

At Mint Yoga Studio (18 N. Fort Thomas Avenue), part of their plan was to invest back into the community. And invest they have. 

Tiffany Brennan, owner of the studio, has been intentional about moving yoga outside of the studio, to bring it to the community. You'll see them stretching at Tower Park, or teaching students techniques at Johnson Elementary or Highlands High School. Every Monday at 6:45 p.m., they hold a free class as part of the Jaren Lorenzen Project. 

"We don't just expect you to come to us, we'll come to you. We're a lot more than yoga," said Tiffany Brennan, owner of the studio. "We always think about trying to add value to our community, diversity or interest. We love when we hear from our clients that we have become a part of their daily routine."

Longtime Fort Thomas resident, Nancy Gray, is one of those clients who had recently making Mint part of her daily routine. 

"Mint is a welcoming community and local," said Gray. "I can grow in the practice of yoga, even though I started only about 18 months ago."
The reviews don't lie. Mint Yoga's client base is some of the most loyal in the state. Recently, because of their reviews, they were named the Best Yoga Studio in Kentucky by Best Things Kentucky

Fort Thomas is lucky to have them! 

Phone 859-442-2600 
18 North Fort Thomas Ave, Suite 301 
Fort Thomas, KY 41075 

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