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Friday, June 29, 2018

Missing from Campbell County - Sean Anthony Pope

Please help find Sean Anthony Pope, missing from Campbell County, KY – last seen in Alexandria on June 20th – last contact with family, Friday, June 22, 2018.

Sean, 31 stayed most of the time with his girlfriend in Silver Grove, but last address is listed as Southgate, KY.

Sean has a history of depression and while he has faced issues in his past with drug and alcohol addiction, it is not assumed that he suddenly left behind his life after being drug-free and employed for the past 16+ months.  His family states that in recent weeks, he was dealing with some of high-stress situations and had quit drinking for twelve days prior to leaving.  On the 21st of June, Sean contacted his mother to say that he went out that Wednesday and decided to “drink” and just needed to get away for a couple of days but that he was ok.  He contacted his mother a few more times on the 21st of June and stated he was ok with the last message the morning of Friday, June 22nd at 9:00 AM stating he was coming home, but needed to stay with his mom, Lori.

He never arrived and did not message any more.  The phone number he texted from was not Sean’s number, since his cell phone had broken earlier that week. According to his family, this is completely out of character to just disappear or not attempt to make any kind of contact with someone, anyone for this amount of time.  Also, to note…the number he texted from had several attempts by family members trying to once again gain response but no one from that phone number will answer.

Sean left on foot, and has was wearing plaid shorts, a UK t-shirt and flip-flops when he left.  He 6’1” with brown (grayish) hair, brown eyes and weighs approximately 190 – 200 lbs.

A missing person report was filed in Cold Spring, KY.


  1. "Sean left on foot" from what address?

  2. Sean left on foot from Wellington Drive in Alexandria. He has still not been found.