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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Campbell County Family to Memorialize Son Through Golf Outing, Scholarship

Jacob Baumann died from a drug overdose in 2016.  He was 20 years old.

It's a tragic story that has unfortunately been told too many times throughout our region. No family is immune and that's the message his family wants to be told.

Mark and Terri Baumann, along with their daughters, Erin and Becca and their families, will be hosting the inaugural Jacob Baumann Memorial Golf Outing on August 11 at AJ Jolly Golf Course.

You can sign up to play or sponsor here. 

All proceeds will support scholarships for graduating seniors of Bishop Brossart High School in Alexandria.

Jacob was involved with a program in Delmar Beach, FL, and had been clean for 270 days when he overdosed.

The Baumann's, now living in Alexandria, have roots in Fort Thomas.  Mark was born here and graduated from St. Catherine grade school and Highlands High School.

The story, as noted below, is real, raw and told by Jacob's family:

"You should know the struggles that have taken place over the last seven years of Jacob’s life for him and his family.  Some in society see it as a choice.  Some in society turn a blind eye to the issues.  If you are doing the math, you are correct, Jacob was 13 at the time and in 8th grade when his struggles started.

Jacob had a disease.  The disease of addiction.  His addiction was kept quiet and out of public view by choice and for the sake of protecting Jacob.  He thought he was being punished when he was sent away for some rehabilitation during his Junior year of high school.  His parents struggled with the decision as he had always felt shunned from so many in his small town.  The outpouring of love from the community after his death shows otherwise.  The voices from his addiction told him he had no friends except his addict friends.  He had told his parents this over and over.  They had attended many classes and therapy sessions, some of the guilt as a parent weighed heavy on their hearts throughout the years.  In Jacob’s eyes, the schoolmates from BBHS just did not understand.

Jacob’s addiction was alcohol and drugs.  His family had many sessions and had found out the numerous types of drugs throughout the years he had been taking.

Jacob knew over the last couple years of his life that his addictions were getting worse.  His family had contemplated placing Casey’s Law on Jacob where they would have a court order placed on Jacob forcing him to be put into a rehab center.  The court order would mandate him to comply as his family was seeing him being a possible threat to himself.

As Jacob’s family started this discussion, he knew they were serious.  Their request was for Jacob to start to look at locations for possible rehab locations.  They settled on the location in Del Ray Beach Florida.  They did not file a petition for Casey’s Law but did seek the help, which was the ultimate goal.  They contacted a location and made arrangements and put Jacob on a plane December 1, 2015, straight to Florida, hoping someone would pick him up almost 1,100 miles away.

Once in Florida, he spent the first few days in a hospital for breathing problems and intensive detox.  Once he was released, he was in intensive inpatient, for several weeks before moving to the next session.  All of this time Jacob was blacked out from any contact with his family.  They were able to see him the second week of January for a family weekend and some family therapy along with expectations.  They were on the ROAD TO RECOVERY.  At this time Jacob’s health was better and his weight was increasing.  He was looking good and he was feeling great – SOBER.

Moving forward Jacob was able to move out to a sober living house and look for employment.  He was working and at times getting up at 4:30 in the morning and walking to work to assist in opening the Brooklyn Water Bagel store.  Yes, 4:30 in the morning.

Moving forward more, Jacob’s fellow coworkers and superiors had nothing but good things to say about him when the family went for a visit in June.  He was working well and ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY.  He had a great group of Florida sober friends.  He was soon to move into an apartment in the middle of July with a roommate, Robbie.  A great friend, continuing on his road to recovery.

Jacob would call his mom and dad often and would not end the call without saying, “I love you.”

At a recent memorial service that Jacob’s father attended, the main focus was telling others how much you love someone.  You never know the last time you may see that special someone.

Jacob took ill with mononucleosis and had red like blisters all over his body and was required to be off work for a minimum of 7 days.  He was taking some medication for this and was most likely not sleeping well.

We can only SPECULATE that he became bored and turned back to demons and the inside voices of disease.  We do know that it was an accidental drug overdose that caused his death.  To rule out any rumors on social media or stigmatism of being “that druggie”, this account is to let you know that he was doing well and made a mistake.  While we need extra prayers, our heart aches for Jacob’s roommate Robbie, who came home from work and found him in their apartment.  May the dear Lord watch over him while he is going through this difficult time and wash him of the guilt that he is feeling.

Words alone cannot express the thanks to everyone in the community that has shown their love for Jacob’s family; Mark, Terri, Erin and Rebecca."


  1. God Bless y'all. My heart hurts deeply. I have a 16 year old son and I could not imagine.much love

  2. This is so heartbreaking for so many. Jacob will live on in your heart and through the work you do. Thank you for sharing. God bless!!