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Monday, July 23, 2018

Can You Help Campbell County Police Identify This Man?

Campbell County Police are requesting any assistance with identification of this suspect.

This individual is a suspect in multiple vehicle thefts from Louisville to Ohio. The only information that is known about him at this point is he is using the nickname “Nash” and that he is finding vehicles for sale on Craigslist and shows up to purchase the car.

Call Ashley Barlow. 859-781-5777. This is an advertisement. 
At that point he asks to take the car to his mechanic to have it “checked out” and leaves the vehicle he arrived in as assurance or collateral and never returns. The vehicles he leaves is stolen from a previous Craigslist victim.

Anyone able to provide any information on identification of this individual please contact Detective Kyle Gray with Campbell County Police Department at 859-547-3161.

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