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Monday, July 9, 2018

Street Replacement and Construction To Begin, Detours Likely

Road construction and underground utility work will begin shortly on Pentland Place, Sabre Court and David Drive.

According to City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill, The Northern Kentucky Water District will replace the water main replacement on Wednesday, July 11 and the street replacement will begin immediately after the installation. The projected project timeline will last around six weeks.

Dill said that there will be a posted detour and that Pentland will be blocked at different times for construction during day.

"Access will be maintained for residents of the street but it may not go through at certain points," he said.

The plan calls for complete removal and construction of these streets, gutters, storm sewer inlets and replacement of granular subgrade with trenches draining under the new pavement.

Property owners are subject to a special tax assessment cost split of 60-40 for Pentland Place because it’s classified as a collector street. The city will cover 60 percent of the cost, while property owners contribute the rest. The other streets in the program would be a 50-50 cost share split. The estimated costs are equivalent to the cost of traditional resurfacing projects and is expected to generate about $29,000 for the projects.

The total estimated costs for the 2018 Capital Improvement Program is $735,000, broken down as follows:

- Roadway improvements are expected to cost $640,000.
- The program includes continued implementation of city’s adopted sidewalk program with replacement of deteriorated sidewalks at selected streets at an estimated cost of $30,000.
- The program also includes $30,000 for planned and potential storm sewer inlet replacement projects, which will be leveraged under the SD1 50-50 cost share program.
- About $10,000 will be set aside in contingency funds for emergency repairs and city infrastructure and miscellaneous expenses.
- Funds will be set aside to pay city contractor CT Consultants for engineering services is $25,000.

Discussion and proposal of the Capital Improvement Budget and the street program was brought to council earlier in the year to allow for the work get underway in the summer while school is out.

According to Dill, this will be the timeline in years going forward.

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