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Friday, August 31, 2018

Banners to Honor Veterans to Be Placed Throughout City

Fort Thomas honored veterans at the new Charters of Freedom monument on Veterans Day in November 2017. (FTM file)

 By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

Honor a local veteran through a special city program that will display veteran’s names and images on banners throughout the city.
Barre3 Ft. Thomas. 

The banners will be displayed on light posts on Veterans Day 2018 (November 11) and from January through November of 2019. After display, they will be returned to the sponsoring families.

Sample banner image from Fort Thomas city website.
Banners will include name, branch of service, rank and a photo of the veteran. Cost to sponsor a banner is $200. The deadline for submission is September 15.

Mayor Eric Haas said he is proud of the Charters of Freedom installation created last year and reminded those present that donations are still being taken to support that project. A plaque listing donors to the Charters of Freedom will be installed soon.

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-->To sponsor a banner, residents can send a check payable to the city of Fort Thomas with a Fort Thomas Veteran's Banner Form (PDF) available on the city’s website. For additional information, contact Renaissance Manager Debbie Buckley at 859-441-1055.



  1. WOW, I thought this was the coolest thing I was so proud of Ft Thomas for doing this. I even drove through town to see these bannors. (I'm a former resident). I didn't see my dads bannor so I was just trying to find a list of Ft. Thomas WW2 veterans and THEN I SWA THIS $200.00. SMH! WHEN WILL PEOPLE STOP HONORING VETRANS FOR A SMALL FEE.

    1. It’s disgusting that FT Thomas charge this exuberant fee! My Daughter (HHS 2019) is currently on Deployment with the US Navy. I belong to several military fb groups, and most cities do this for a nominal charge, or no charge at all.