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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Celebrating Six Wonderful Years of Fort Thomas Coffee!

Valentine Family celebrates six years at Fort Thomas Coffee

August 9 marks Fort Thomas Coffee's six year anniversary! Six years of cappuccinos, scones, espressos, juice boxes, live music, art openings, new friendships, and the best baristas you'll find.  Fort Thomas Matters asked the Valentine family to share their thoughts on six years in our community. 

Valentine family circa 2012

"It’s hard to believe that 6 years have passed - until I see these pictures of my kids!
When we opened Fort Thomas Coffee (FTC) our daughter, Kit, was only 2 – she doesn’t remember life before FTC. She literally has grown up with it and used to assume that every family did this.
Kit, The smallest Valentine in the early days of FTC

I remember her asking other people, “so, where’s your coffee shop?”. 
Mac enjoying a snack in front of the iconic tower painting at FTC

Kids that were in middle school when we opened are now in college (like our veteran employee Will Nedderman). After countless early mornings, daily shopping trips, special parties, and lively Saturdays we still exist to serve the people of this town. We still exist to bring community together and do everything we can to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. 
Thank you Fort Thomas for 6 wonderful years!  
Lori, David, Mac, Honor & Kit
Here's to the next six years Fort Thomas! ~ The Valentine's 

Fort Thomas Coffee is located at 118 N. Fort Thomas Ave. 

Call: (859) 814-8282

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