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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Crosswalk Safety Features Cap Off Moyer Project

By Robin Gee, Council Beat Editor 

The crosswalk at Moyer Elementary is being moved slightly west and rebuilt with new safety features, according to City Administrator Ron Dill.

Signs have gone up to warn motorists of the work on the crosswalk, set to be completed by the start of school August 15.

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Due to the design of the circular drive at the remodeled Moyer building, the crosswalk needed to be moved, and city staff took advantage of the move to add additional safety features.

The crosswalk is being rebuilt with pavers to clearly delineate the crosswalk, providing a strong visual cue that motorists are entering a school zone. Beacon signs also will be moved to the rebuilt crosswalk and new lighting added.

"We had an opportunity to begin meeting maximum safety standards. The results will be better lighting in the evening and the pavers will make it more obvious that this is a school zone," said Dill.

He said plans are in place to duplicate the new safety features in the upcoming Johnson project. He also hopes to work with the state to be able to expand the safety program with similar features at all Fort Thomas schools, public and private.

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