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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

GUILTY! Shayna Hubers Convicted; Sentencing Could Begin Today

The sentencing of convicted murderer Shayna Hubers will begin Wednesday morning.

The jury deliberated for five hours Tuesday before declaring Hubers guilty of the murder of her boyfriend Ryan Poston in 2012.

Hubers shot Poston to death in his Highland Heights condominium Oct. 12, 2012, after a prolonged period of instability in their relationship. (Prosecutors showed reams of unanswered text messages from her to Poston as well as a text to a friend in which she fantasized about killing him.)

Sentencing will begin at 9 a.m. with jurors listening to witnesses. They will then make a recommendation to Judge Dan Zalla; Zalla will have the final say in her sentence.

Hubers' behavior in police interviews, during which she worried out loud no one would want to marry her and quipped that the shooting gave Poston a long-sought nose job, netted her a murder charge which resulted in a 2015 conviction and sentence to 40 years in prison.

However, one of the jurors who handed down the first conviction was a felon. That discovery made room for another trial -- one in which Hubers' defense team doubled down on its narrative of her as a desperate, terrified victim of Poston's long-running physical abuse and prosecutors reiterated their story of an obsessive, controlling young woman who preferred a dead boyfriend to an ex.

During closing arguments in the second trial, Commonwealth's Attorney Michelle Snodgrass called Hubers' killing of Poston "an execution."

Although defense attorneys argued she shot him to protect herself and killed him to end his suffering, Snodgrass said she deliberately shot him six times from fewer than three feet away.

Report provided by FTM Media Partner, WCPO. 

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