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Friday, September 7, 2018

8 Things Fort Thomas Police Want You to Know to Increase Your Safety Around Town

Fort Thomas, a bedroom community of 16,400 people, is always ranked highly in statistics that make property values high: safety, proximity to a large metropolitan area and schools.

Life in Fort Thomas revolves around the award-winning schools and just like the tides, traffic patterns are predictably heaviest during start and end times.

Sgt. Will Hunt of the Fort Thomas Police Department said that there are complaints that the department hears often, that need to be addressed.

When it all boils down to one common denominator, many of these issues can be fixed by a change in your driving habits and being more aware of the world outside of your particular windshield.

These are issues we routinely field questions about,” said Sgt. Hunt. “Law enforcement will continue to do our best to enforce these laws to keep our community safe, but we need our community to take a concerted approach to driving safely and courteously.”

1) Watch for crossing guards before and after school. 

Traffic patterns changed in January of this year, so please be cognizant of those changes and leave earlier if you need to.

2) Watch for pedestrians in crosswalks all hours of the day. 

This should be very rudimentary: pedestrians in crosswalks have the right-of-way. Routinely cars do not yield as they should. Problem areas include the crosswalk in front of Highlands Middle School, Highlands High School and in front of St. Thomas School.

3) If the beacon light is flashing at Moyer Elementary School, someone is probably waiting to cross. 

These beacon lights were installed last year, so people may not be used to them yet, however they are an added safety feature that should become part of your routine. The city is exploring more improvements. 

4) Do not go behind firetrucks that are trying to back up into the station. 

When our firefighters and emergency responders are parking back at the station, they must pull into both lanes of traffic in order to back up. This is a temporary wait and you absolutely should not go around them.

5) Do not pass school buses when they are out in the road with the sign and arm out. 

This is against the law and extremely dangerous. The students who utilize busses in Fort Thomas require a little more time loading and unloading. Please be patient. Fort Thomas Independent Schools are working on a bus safety video that will highlight the problem areas in the city.

6) Do not text and drive. Ever. 

In a community with so many walkers and runners and skinny stretches with lots of people, this is even more dangerous.

7) Please talk to your children about their parking around the high school. 

Many complaints are called into the police department dealing with students parking in yellow zones, in front of water hydrants or partially blocking driveways. Please also be aware that when you are picking up children at school, please fill in spots so that more cars can pull over to wait.

8) If you are on a bicycle, scooter or skateboard, please demount when crossing in a crosswalk. 

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