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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fort Thomas Coffee Gallery Showcases Local Artists Including Photographer John Homer

Courtesy John Homer
So if you don’t know John Homer, well, then you should.

He is a naturalists who you might have met at the Earth Day event because he led the spring wildflower walk in the woods. (Oh, and those photos can be found on the free Fort Thomas app in iTunes and Google Play.) His photos of the spring wildflowers are pretty dramatic.

John says that “I have been interested in photography since college, back in the ’80s, when film cameras were still the primary way that people took photos. The process of manipulating camera settings to capture the right amount of light is fascinating. I reconnected with photography around 2014, when I bought a DSLR camera.”

Courtesy John Homer

“It’s funny though because even with all of the advances in digital photography, I’ve found myself lately enjoying a return to film,” he says. And that’s the source of Homer’s first show as a photographer at Fort Thomas Coffee. He is part of the show that runs through the month.

John says, “I am in awe of the photographers that transcend the technology and make a statement with their pictures.” But John seems himself a little short here. His portrait of hands tells quite a story.

Courtesy John Homer

He says, “I enjoy a variety of subjects. I participated in a photo challenge in 2017 that required me to shoot a different assignment every week of the year. It really stretched my comfort zone into trying new things. If I have to choose my favorite, I would say some form of nature photography. I love the outdoors and getting out to find landscapes and close-up photos of wildflowers…. I think the best description of my work so far is that I wonder at the world we live in and I try to capture that in photos.” And that’s pretty true. There is a sense of wonder in his work.

Stop by Fort Thomas Coffee to view his work.

Courtesy of John Homer

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