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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Four Highlands Students Earn Highest Possible ACT Scores

Margot Seidel, Adam Groneck and Alexander Harrison celebrate achieving the highest score possible on the ACT. (Will Burnham also was honored but was unable to attend the board meeting).
 By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor 

Four Highlands High School students have joined an exclusive club. They are among the less than one percent of students across the nation who have earned the highest composite score possible on the ACT test.

Will Burnham, Adam Groneck, Alexander Harrison, Margot Seidel were honored and congratulated at the September meeting of the Fort Thomas Independent School Board.

Each of these students earned a 36 on the college preparedness test, putting them in the .136 percentile, according to ACT data analyzed by

A little over two million students in the U.S. take the ACT test each year and only about 2,000 achieve a score of 34 or higher.

Students often take the test more than once, and the Fort Thomas students were no exception. They took the test two or three times in an effort to improve each time, making note of any weaknesses and boning up with online help, practice tests and attending ACT bootcamp events offered by the tutoring service TorchPrep.

Harrison shared this advice for those who plan to take the ACT: "Know your weak points. For me, I took it two times before I got the 36 score… You get your reports back, and you see what subjects you’re weak in and you go from there. There are plenty of resources online.

Hard work paid off for these students. Congratulations to them and to Fort Thomas educators and parents!

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