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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sparetime Will Have New Owners and May Reopen Next Month

The owners of Sparetime's Belly & Soul, located at 7807 Alexandria Pike in Alexandria, announced on Saturday that they are closing their wildly popular diner.

Kevin and Christa Klein announced on the closure on their Facebook page. "It’s with heavy hearts we share we are closing as of today. Kevin & I have been blessed by this place and every person that walked through our door for the past 2 years. We will truly miss all of you!"

The Kleins, who had told Fort Thomas Matters in February of 2018 that the business wasn't about the money, backed up that sentiment in further comments.

"(The decision to close was) not tax-related and business was great. (It was) about having more Jesus and family time in our daily life. Just had to shift our priorities." 

They also noted that they will be donating the remaining money from the non-profit outreach, Belly & Soul Blessings, to several other nonprofits over the next few weeks.

They said they were looking for other owners to step in and continue the success that the business had seen since they acquired it in 2016. 

It didn't take long. 

Lisa Kremer, sister of Christa Klein, and her family will be the new owners of the restaurant, now called Ingram's Sparetime. Kremer has been working at the restaurant since it was reopened. 

"I loved my job and I love this community and all the customers I’ve met," said Kremer. "When my sister decided to close I knew in my heart I had to reopen. I’ve had such an amazing response already, I know I’ve made the right decision and can’t wait to get started. My customers are waiting!"

Ingram's may sound familiar to many who are reading this. Kremer's family owned Ingram's across from Campbell County high school for many years. It closed in 2000, but the fond memories persist. 

"While working at Belly & Soul I got to know a lot of our community and knew a lot previously who were Ingram’s customers from years ago," said Kremer, who is a California, Kentucky resident. "I guess being a restaurant owner its in blood our since my parents ran Ingram’s. Guess it’s my turn!"

Kremer noted she hopes to reopen by October 1. 


  1. Good to hear. Seems like this could have taken place seemlessly.

  2. That's great!! Glad to hear they are re-opening. I ate many times at the old Ingram's on the way to golf.

  3. Happy, happy happy! My son was devastated, he never got to go there. My daughter and I have a tradition to eat there before every Campbell county high school band competition. He never got to partake because he was in the band, now....she's in the band, he gets to eat. Wish you were open Saturday, or stayed open one more Saturday since the band is there 9/15. But there's always next year. Best of luck in you new endeavors.

  4. that is great news! I remember Ingram’s restaurant. My dad used to take us there frequently! I’m glad there will be a part 2