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Monday, September 10, 2018

Sparetime's Belly & Soul in Alexandria Closes

A popular diner in Alexandria has announced that it's closing.

Sparetime's Belly & Soul, located at 7807 Alexandria Pike, announced on their Facebook page that were are closing immediately on Saturday, September 8th.
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Known for its iconic 1950s-style diner six miles down the street from Northern Kentucky University, its fare included fun twists on favorites, such as their Root Beer Burger made with house-made root beer glaze, onion straws and blue cheese crumbles, or their Power Crunch Salad with grilled chicken, kale and avocado).

Also present at Spacetime's Belly and Soul was owners Christa and Kevin Klein's overriding theme of service—of giving, sharing and paying it forward.

Fort Thomas Matters profiled the diner's Pay It Forward window earlier this year, which allows customers to buy anything—a burger, a cup of coffee or a piece of pie—for someone else. After telling their server, they grab a Post-it note and on it write who they'd like to receive their gift.

Chester Alford opened The Spare Time Grill in 1958. His son, Roy, ran it for 20-plus years and then Roy's son, Tony, ran it for 24 years. 

The diner has appeared in two movies, "Fresh Horses" in 1972 and "Carol" in 2014.

For a short period of time the diner served candy and ice cream, but that concept closed in Spring 2016. That same spring, Kevin saw a new "for lease" sign pop up. He immediately pulled into the diner's driveway and called the number. The Kleins met with the Alfords the next day. They shared their vision, their dream. The Alfords gave the Kleins time to remodel, and didn't ask for a dime until the day they opened. Sparetime's Belly & Soul Diner opened August 2016.

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The Kleins told Fort Thomas Matters in that same profile that the restaurant is profitable, but that they weren't in it for the money.

They said that running a restaurant can wear on anyone quickly, and both Christa and Kevin value time with their family.

Comments Sparetime's Belly & Soul made on their Facebook page back up those sentiments.

"This was a heart-wrenching decision as we loved what we built and everyone we met through it. (The decision to close was) not tax-related and business was great. (It was) about having more Jesus and family time in our daily life. Just had to shift our priorities." 

They also noted that they will be donating the remaining money from the non-profit outreach, Belly & Soul Blessings, to several other nonprofits over the next few weeks.

"We want to pass on the love this community helped provide to so many folks in need. Thanks for all the support!"

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  1. It's a shame. I'm sorry to see it go. First Spare Time, now B & S. I hope someone else sees a vision and picks up where these fine people left off.