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Friday, September 21, 2018

Woodfill Students Share Wildly Important Goals

Woodfill Elementary students present the Wildly Important Goals they've chosen for this year.
Four students from Woodfill Elementary School shared a new project that has engaged students in all grades. Ellie, Carly, Charity and Vinny, ranging from first to fifth grade, presented their WIGs at the September meeting of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board.

Wildly Important Goals, known as WIGs, can be personal or academic goals that each student selects to work on throughout the school year. This is the first year of the project, and this year’s focus for academic goals is on writing and communications, said Woodfill Principal Keith Faust.

The students shared their goals and explained how they keep track of the progress they’ve made toward their goals, such as improving grades, meeting higher expectations in rubrics and supporting their classmates.

Carly gave examples of lead measures that would help track her progression toward her goal of raising her grades. Her measures were proofreading, peer proofreading and working with the Spelling City app. She carefully tracks the measures each day on a chart in her notebook.

"Even our teachers have goals," explained Vinny. "My teacher says she wants to go from five books she’s read so far this school year to reading 12 books by the end of quarter one. Our principal says he wants to go from 30 minutes of quality face-time per day with staff and students to over 75 minutes per day."

Faust said in the next semester, students will choose "accountability partners" to help them stay on track and check in on progress toward meeting their goals.

The WIG project is part of Leader in Me, a program promoting leadership qualities in students throughout the school.

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