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Monday, October 22, 2018

Bob Schrage: Why I'm Running for Kentucky House of Representatives (District 67)

By Bob Schrage 

My vision for the residents and businesses of the 67th District is that we share a strong sense of community and a desire for everyone to have a fair shot at achieving their personal dreams including having a good education, good health, and a good job.  In terms of having legislators who can help fulfill these aspirations, we need to elect people who share this vision, and know how to focus on clearly identifying the most important problems and finding the best solutions.  

I am not a politician, but simply a person who cares about my community.  I have a long history of service to the community.  Throughout my career, I have advocated for economic and public policies that ensure stability and prosperity for Kentucky families. I have worked tirelessly in both my career and private life to elevate the Northern Kentucky River Region.

I have been married to my wife Ann for 34 years and we have two children, the late Andrew, who died in an accident in college, and Ethan.  

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with nonprofit organizations, local governments and business leaders in finding ways to better help our community. I have provided counseling and leadership development to local nonprofits to ensure efficient and effective models of service.  My focus is always on ways to actually help the people who need it most.  It takes passion and endurance to grow the community and I will continue to call on my own passion for our community when fighting for issues in Frankfort.

I also believe the people in our district deserve an elected leader with values that line up with their own. As your representative, I will value honesty over the deceptive mumblings of politics. I promise to tell you the truth even when it hurts and to always honor my word. I will be open minded and flexible when approaching new issues. Without these two values, effective and efficient legislation is harder to create. I promise to be a dependable representative who listens to the actual needs of the people they serve. And finally, but most importantly, I value my family and the families working diligently to change our communities from the inside out.

I am an adjunct professor of public administration at Northern Kentucky University and believe education is key to our regional success – specifically to economic development, better paying jobs, and to a generally informed community. If elected, working to improve the schools in the 67th District and supporting NKU will be a top priority.

We need a legislator who will support NKU (sitting in the heart of the District) and not actively work against it.

We need a legislator who will partner with our community organizations and local governments for the betterment of the District and the entire northern Kentucky area.  I have 27 years local government experience.

We need a non-career legislator.  What ever happened to citizens who want to go to Frankfort, do a good job, and return to their community?   Why do legislators get a great, fully funded pension system while underfunding those of other public servants?   I don’t believe legislators should get a pension and I will not accept one.

We need a legislator who will partner with the businesses of the District to reduce unnecessary red tape and regulations; we need a legislator that doesn’t have a grade in the low thirties with the State and local Chambers of Commerce.  We need a legislator that supports the small businesses of the region that employs so many of our residents.

We need a legislator who will protect education and not continue to underfund the legal obligations of the pension systems.  This underfunding has caused the State tremendous financial problems. I have been active in schools:  site base council member, substitute teacher, volunteer teacher of high school students about organ donation, and volunteer teacher of students about local history.  I created a scholarship fund for local students which next year should hit the $100,000 raised mark.

We need a legislator who doesn’t put their Party above the District, the State and the people they were elected to serve

AND MOST OF ALL, we need a legislator who will at least listen to the people of the 67th District.  Somebody who will attend legislative caucus meetings, represent the people at NKU, one who will attend meetings of our business leaders to understand their needs,  and one who will attend other community meetings to hear the people.

I am a citizen who just wants to help make our community better.  It’s that simple.  More than anything, we need change in Frankfort.  We need to eliminate many of the decades old processes that dominate the way Frankfort operates.  We saw some of this in action this year- but it is an old practice.  I believe one of the major problems we are facing today is a lack of civility and I hear this on the campaign trail.   I believe the people of the District come first-- not our political parties.  We must get away from politics as usual.  We must have a better, higher level of civil discussion.   We spend more time trying to tear down our rivals instead of solving problems, communicating issues, and governing.  I promise not become a part of the problem, but rather the solution.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th.

Thank you.

Bob Schrage

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