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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Calvin Sidle: Why I'm Running for Judge Executive

By Calvin Sidle  

I got into politics a little over ten years ago. I was on the phone with a friend of mine complaining about the issues of the day and I wondered, “Why am I complaining about this stuff and not doing anything to try to fix it?” I have been running for office ever since.

I am challenging this seat because I think I can do the best job for the next four years for the citizens of this county. I am challenging this seat because every race deserves to be challenged. I am challenging this seat because I think the people who aren’t satisfied with business as usual deserve to be heard.

I promise to be a full-time servant of the people of Campbell County. I will work diligently with people across the aisle to ensure that we take advantage of every opportunity for growth. I will meet regularly with city and state officials to advocate for our citizens at every level. We can’t afford to have a Judge Executive that asks, “What must I do?” We need a Judge Executive who asks, “What can I do?”

I will be that Judge Executive.

I would like to see this county be more reliant on solar energy. I believe that we can both reduce the long-term tax burden of our electric bills and reduce our carbon footprint. It is fiscally responsible to make investments in infrastructure that will reduce the county’s bills in the future. We also have to look forward and start fighting climate change every way we can.

I would like to see this county help create more affordable housing options. There are many people in this county who live on the lower end of the economic scale and they deserve the dignity of a place to call home. The stigma of government housing must be stifled and incentives to private building owners must be investigated. There is currently nowhere in the country that a person making the minimum wage can afford a one-bedroom apartment. We have to do better for our neighbors.

I would like to see this county provide more services for people struggling with drug addiction. Access to needle exchanges and rehabilitation programs is very limited. There is a need for these services here. We have to treat the opioid crisis like a medical issue not a legal issue. Our friends and neighbors need help and we can do more for them.

My goal, when elected, is to see that every person that lives in this county is better off in four years than they are today. I want people to know that they have a government that listens to them and works for them. Please vote for me on November 6th so that I can work for you!

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