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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Charlie Coleman: Why I'm Running for Judge Executive

By Charlie "Coach" Coleman 

Serving as your County Commissioner since January of 2015, I have a consistent voting record based PRINCIPLES never on POLITICS.

Party politics, special interest groups, and the elite friends of a few have created a disconnect with the hard working citizens of Campbell County.

In the almost four years that I have served I have experienced first hand how special interest control what goes on in our county.

Examples are:

- Rather than enforcing an ordinance regarding zoning, the ordinance was changed to favor one individual.

- A successful Campbell County business was told they had to pay to park their employee cars on county owned property while another business parked free in the same lot.

- Politics trumped our senior citizens when Lakeside was sold to NKU, displacing our Seniors.

- I have also witnessed powerful interest groups lobbing against Christ Hospital wanting to build a facility in Campbell County.  They did so knowing that a good number of our citizens travel to Christ Hospital for services.

- Our own Ethics Commission was sued by the Fiscal Court for not ruling as our present Judge Executive wanted. The ruling had no penalties whatsoever.  Yet the suit and court costs resulted in over $21,000 of your money being wastefully spent to prove the point that you better rule as expected or get sued.

Perhaps the biggest injustice to all Campbell Countians deals with the SD 1 and Health Boards.  One of our two representatives on the SD 1 Board lives in KENTON COUNTY.  The same for the Health Board.  Apparently, the present Judge Executive and the two other Commissioners do not feel anyone in Campbell County is qualified!

Property taxes have been increased 14 consecutive years.  The 911 tax this year alone will increase 56%, raising $5,000,000 more than is necessary to pay for the new radio system.  SD 1 rates will increase again 5% by the vote of the present Judge Executive.  Households with septic systems are still being charged storm water fees on rain water than SD 1 never collects or treats.

Regarding Economic Development:  The answer is infrastructure.

Campbell County still lacks the benefits of sanitary sewers and water lines even in Cold Spring along the AA highway and US 27.  What about roads?  Campbell County needs and deserves an East/West highway to connect to I 75/71 and the Airport. While Boone and Kenton continue to expand these services and develop new roads Campbell County still lags behind.  We can only attract new business by providing the needed infrastructure.  For raw materials and finished products to be transported good roads are essential.  Our Airport continues to expand to accommodate DHL’s growing impact on the region.  For jobs to stay in our County improvements in infrastructure is a must.

Heroin:  No one has an exact answer or we would have this issue solved.  I have advocated for and believe that an important component is missing in the rehab of the addicted.  Recovery programs should have a faith-based support service.

Those I have come in contact with that have overcome their addiction will admit to giving their life to a higher power.  While the medical profession is not wrong in prescribing medication to fight the addiction, often the medically assisted treatment is just as addicting.

I support mandatory, no parole sentences for those who are stealing the lives of the unfortunate users.  While I do not believe Government alone can solve this crisis I do support the proper Government intervention.

As your Commissioner it would have been easy to not ask questions, stay the course and not rock the boat and simply do what was “politically correct”.  However, I gave my word to be a voice for the taxpayers of the County and not the bureaucrats. I have found that decisions are easy to make when based on principles not politics.

As your Judge Executive I will continue to be your voice, appoint only Campbell County residents on boards and commissions, and put Campbell County first.

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