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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Connie Grubbs: Why I'm Running for County Commissioner (District 1)

By Connie Grubbs 

My name is Connie Grubbs and I am the only Democratic candidate for any Campbell County Commissioner seat. As a first-time candidate, running for office is not something I saw myself doing until recently. Now that I have made the decision, it just seems natural. My reasons for running are many, but they all revolve around justice.

We are looking at the first generation in America to not do as well as their parents. I certainly do not want that for my kids or yours. I will fight for economic justice. I want to make sure all of us have an opportunity to thrive, not simply work our fingers to the bone to get by. Thriving means the average family has the ability to support an aging parent. Thriving means the average family has the ability to be involved in their community’s schools. Thriving means the average family has a safety net in place for an injured spouse, is able to afford childcare, or has the freedom to build their community in any way they want. Right now, too many families are one accident, injury, or aging parent away from poverty or bankruptcy. I am so proud to have earned endorsements from several local labor unions. They know I stand for working families and that I want a county that values work over wealth to reignite the American Dream for all our people.

Political justice, otherwise known as transparency, is another reason I decided to run. We need our government to have people elected from all walks of life, bringing fresh ideas and different perspectives to the table. These ideas can then be debated and discussed in an open and transparent setting, giving our communities an opportunity to provide their input. The current rubber-stamp mentality on Fiscal Court does not serve our community well. I will bring fresh ideas and diverse perspectives to local government with thoughtful leadership. Our elected officials should also do the work of the people by reaching out to communities, and attending city council meetings and other community events to get input and inform people of what is going on at the county level. We need elected officials who are loyal and who know how to lead and listen. Our government works best when it is truly of, for, and by the people.

Justice through education is another passion of mine. Public education is a great equalizer in our country. Over the last two years, I have been aghast at the way our public education institutions and educators have been treated, by both words and actions, at the state level. And I have yet to hear one word about it from our county officials. The complacency at the county level is palpable. We need advocates in office who will stand above the fray of politics and speak for the people of Campbell County.

And finally, I will advocate for health justice. This covers a broad spectrum, including everything from Medicaid to prisons to the opioid crisis. Campbell County is, to no one’s surprise, most deeply affected by the opioid epidemic. Recent studies have shown that our county is one of the top five in the state of Kentucky for heroin-related deaths, a statistic that surprised Mr. Painter in a recent Fiscal Court meeting. But statistics aside, almost all of us know someone whose life has been altered by opioid addiction. In short, we need to be concentrating on bold, evidence-based, and compassionate solutions to these issues.

In my life, I have always risen to challenges through hard work, people skills, and intelligence. I do best when I am challenged, and I’ve come to learn that anything worth achieving must be hard earned. I have been working hard on this campaign. With your support, the win is within my reach. I hope to earn your vote. I cannot wait to get to work for the people of Campbell County and to serve as one of your county commissioners.

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