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Monday, October 15, 2018

Dan Zalla: Why I'm Running for Campbell County Circuit Court Judge (District 2)

By Dan Zalla

The honor of my life, except for raising my four daughters, has been serving as your Campbell County Circuit Court Judge, Division 2. If elected on November 6th, my pledge is to continue to be Faithful to the Rule of Law; Faithful to the Principles of Equal Justice; and Faithful to the Promise of patient and respectful treatment to all who come before the Court.

The responsibility of your Circuit Court Judge demands total impartiality and fairness, regardless
of the issue before the court. The responsibility demands that the judge follow the laws enacted
by your elected representatives. Moreover, this responsibility demands that the judge preside over a court without regard to personal beliefs. I strongly believe in these responsibilities in the operation of the Campbell Circuit Court on behalf of all of the citizens of Campbell County.

I also believe a circuit court judge has the responsibility to keep our neighborhoods and communities in Campbell County safe from crime and havoc.  Drug traffickers, who prey upon our citizens, while seeking leniency for themselves, have no place in Campbell County. Their drug activities are abhorrent to the common good and wellbeing of our neighborhoods and communities.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th, so I can continue to preside over your Campbell County Circuit Court.


Judge Dan Zalla

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  1. Freedom of speech and voicing my opinion is why I am doing this. Desirea and 8 year old Jakyra don't have this privilage anylonger since they were killed 3 years ago by a woman who crossed over two lanes and hit them head on. The driver of that car was indicted on two counts of negligent vehicular homicide. After going through 3 years of postponements trial was set. The day the trial was to start she entered an Alford plea, which is not an admission of guilt, but admitting prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her on two counts of vehicular homicide. If this is a felony how can she only get a sentence of 5 years probation. Does this sound fair to the family of the victims. How can this happen.