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Sunday, October 21, 2018

David Cameron: Why I Am Running for Fort Thomas City Council

David Cameron and his family.
By David Cameron

I have enjoyed serving on Fort Thomas City Council over the past two years, and I humbly seek your vote of re-election on Tuesday, November 6th.

I am proud of my service. I take this job very seriously, attending each meeting prepared and with the City’s best interests in mind. I have worked to be accessible for questions and concerns. I view this as the most important aspect of the job of City Council. I am your voice and liaison to City government.

You may remember that one of the issues I campaigned on two years ago was dealing with vacant and blighted properties within the City. During my service, I lead the effort to create a vacant home registry that encourages owners of foreclosed property to maintain their property.

In conjunction with the vacant home registry, I lead the creation of a code enforcement board. Like in many of our peer cities, this board will allow for quick resolution of code violations previously adjudicated in the Campbell County District Court, saving both taxpayers and homeowners’ time and money.

Another issue I campaigned on two years ago was progress on the homes on Alexander Circle. I am excited to say that since my time on council, the City has resolved the issues as to ownership with the VA and signed a development agreement with Bloomfield/Schon. If you visit Alexandria Circle today, you will see that development has already started. When completed, the 16 homes and surrounding park will be a jewel of the Tri-State and the new residents will add to the vibrancy of Tower Park.

I co-led the city buildings and utilities section of the visioning process. This important tool will be the foundation for the city for future years. Throughout the process, we engaged various stakeholders including residents, utility companies, and schools to outline a comprehensive plan for the future.

I reside in Fort Thomas with my wife, Sarah, and our two young children. Sarah and I are excited to watch our children grow in Fort Thomas and know that we are blessed to be here.

As you know, there is so much about our City to be proud of, its beautiful streets, its family friendly parks, its growing business districts, and of course, its schools. But most of all – it is the special people who call the City of Fort Thomas home and who volunteer and dedicate their time to initiatives that make it even more special.

If re-elected, I will continue to ensure that Fort Thomas is not just one of the best places to live in the Commonwealth but in America. We live in a global world and Fort Thomas has the resources and energy to attract and retain world-class citizens. Citizens are increasingly interested in rapid communication of information that affects them and I will make that a focus over the next two years.

Finally, I will continue to be a steward of the taxpayers’ money. I recognize that our hard working citizens and businesses provide the funds we allocate on council and I do not take the decision to spend money lightly. Federal and state funds are increasingly scarce and I will ensure that the City remains effective and efficient in its operations.

I am proud to serve on Fort Thomas City Council and I hope I earn your vote on November 6th.

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