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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fort Thomas Central and Grassroots and Vine Announce Big Changes

Successful Fort Thomas business owner, Barb Thomas, is announcing big changes in store for Fort Thomas Central and her newest venture, Grassroots and Vine.  

After six years in business at Fort Thomas Central on North Fort Thomas Avenue and following the successful launch of Grassroots and Vine (her restaurant, bar, and store concept in the Midway District), Thomas is announcing the combination of the two stores into one storefront, to be located at the current Grassroots and Vine at 1101 South Fort Thomas Avenue.  

With this new, combined approach, Thomas is hopeful she can continue to meet the needs of her loyal customers while bringing something new to Midway District customers. 

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Said Thomas of the changes to soon take place, “We decided to relocate a hybrid of Fort Thomas Central to our Grassroots & Vine location to combine forces and offer a one-stop product mix/service to our loyal customers; we will offer gift items, a curated list of wine, bourbon and craft beer, along with pre-made and/or custom gift baskets.” 

This combined concept, Thomas advises, should allow for customers of one store to benefit from the offerings of the other and will introduce a new market to what each store has to offer.  While the combined approach will limit shelf space for some items, Thomas promises the store will “plan to focus on local art, Kentucky Proud items, hostess gifts, and gifts that share the same culture related to food and entertaining (as Grassroots and Vine).”

Reflecting back fondly on her six years in her soon-to-be-vacated Fort Thomas Central space, Thomas says, “Over the past six years I have worked with several Fort Thomas businesses to promote and support community events, fundraisers and small business Saturdays; there is a real sense of passion and dedication that comes from being a small business owner.”  Thomas went on to say, “When several small businesses (and owners) work together to support our community, that internal passion magnifies.”

Thomas was known for working together with fellow business owners to help build the entire Fort Thomas business community.  One perfect example is Art Around Towne. 

Additionally, Thomas launched The Lawn at Fort Thomas Central which brought a variety of food trucks, live entertainment, and a mixing of Fort Thomas people together.  Says Thomas of these wonderful events, “(From) the many smiling faces we encountered walking through the front door of our quaint little shop and the friendships we have made to the fundraisers and community events we have supported and sponsored for the better good, we have loved every minute and look forward to many more memories and new beginnings.”

While she will be leaving her storefront in the Central Business District, Thomas continues to eye changes that are taking place in town, specifically looking at the Fort Thomas Towne Center.  She is hopeful that she can support change throughout the city for business owners, and possibly reopen a “bigger and better retail space that would house Fort Thomas Central in the future.”

The exact date to combine these stores is not yet set but it will fall after the holiday season.  Until then, Fort Thomas Central is stocked for holiday needs and has already scheduled the usual holiday events.  Thomas will host a pop-up shop at the Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market in November, have a holiday open house the following week, Small Business Saturday the final day in November, and will offer many promotions and incentives between now and year-end.  At Grassroots and Vine, Thomas will host the Gifting Back Bazaar (December 3rd, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and the Fort Thomas Holiday Walk.

Be sure to wish Thomas well on the combination of her businesses, check out Fort Thomas Central for the holiday deals before the move, and check back here for final closing/combining details and any other promos.

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  1. Did she own the North Fort Thomas location? Is there any knowledge as to what will happen there? I would love for places to invest in the downtown area over Midway. I really wish that this could have happened in a vise-versa manner. I wish her the best and appreciate her continued reinvestment into the community, but I am certainly disappointed as to how it unfolded.