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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fort Thomas Welcomes New Firefighter/Paramedic

Fort Thomas Fire Department Chief Mark Bailey pins a badge on new Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Wright
By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor 

Fort Thomas has a new firefighter/paramedic. Chief Mark Bailey introduced Michael Wright at the October City Council meeting.

Wright served in the Florence Fire Department for many years, becoming full time in 2014. He has also worked part time for both the Elsmere and Point Pleasant fire departments.

Chief Bailey said Wright was up against 30 other applicants and scored the highest on the test, and after his interview with the chief, City Administrator Ron Dill and Mayor Eric Haas, it remained clear he was the top candidate.

The chief pointed to the experience Wright brings with him to the department. "He knows the ins and outs, has some experience under his belt as a firefighter/paramedic… We are just very very pleased to have Mike as a part of our family. And, to have his family as a part of our fire department family."

Wright’s family, his wife Kate and their two daughters, were on hand to witness the badge pinning and to celebrate. Although he began work only a few weeks ago on September 24, many of Wright’s colleagues came to wish him well.

"To say I’m blessed to be here would be quite an understatement. I went up against 30 very good people, a lot of them are friends of mine, whom I know were very well qualified," said Wright.

He noted that community support and involvement is strong in Fort Thomas. "The atmosphere is completely different from what I’m used to. It’s a very community-oriented department. Coming from a busier department, we didn’t have much time to interact with our residents and get to know people like they do here. Thank you for the opportunity."

Council member Roger Peterman welcomed Wright on behalf of city council. "You say you are blessed, but we are blessed as a community to have the force we have here and the personnel involved."

Congratulations to Firefighter/Paramedic Wright and to the Fort Thomas Fire Department and community! He is badge number five and will work on third shift.

Fort Thomas Firefighter Michael Wright with his wife Kate and their daughters.


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