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Friday, October 12, 2018

Jason Kilmer: Why I'm Running for Kentucky House of Representatives (District 68)

By Jason Kilmer

Truth be told, I decided many years ago that I was going to run for this office at some point in my life.  From the time I learned that our government consisted of a legislative chamber made up of representatives of the region in which you lived I have wanted to represent the people of Campbell County, Kentucky; more specifically the people of central and southern Campbell County.  I have always felt a deep connection and understanding to and of the people.

What it took for me to decide that now was the time was that I felt stable enough in my personal life that I felt comfortable enough to embark on a campaign for State Representative.  That and the fact that I really felt uncomfortable with how we were being represented in Frankfort.  I believe that Joe Fischer has gotten complacent.  His years, twenty, mostly unchallenged for the People’s House, left us, in District 68, yearning for more; granted, Mr. Fischer had to work in the minority for the most of those years.  I had watched our district come to a stand still as far a progress.  I had seen our state routes crumble and slide down hillsides.  I had seen gas stations and fast food restaurants stack our main corridor (US 27).  I had seen mom and pop businesses come and go.  I had seen our schools literally crumbling.  Then, in 2016, Mr. Fischer got his chance to work in the majority here in the state legislature.  That “new majority” told us that they did not have faith in our public schools, that they were going to syphon away the funding to a parallel school system, charter schools, that offered nothing in the way of improving education.  That “new majority” told us that they were going do a tax reform that raises taxes on those that are not as affluent.  That they were going to give those living high-on-the-hog a greater unfair advantage.  They told us that they were going to reform our public pension system and get our state out of debt.  Instead, they tried to scrap that pension system that so many of our loved ones rely on for their retirements and they gave away record numbers of corporate welfare leaving us in such a bind that they had to borrow from the surplus that the teachers health insurance fund had created.  Essentially, doing what they have been railing against, that created the pension “crisis”.  They instilled a new set of taxes that affect the those in the lowest income brackets negatively and reduced the retirement income tax exemption by $10,000.  That is $10,000 those on fixed incomes rely on. They have robbed Peter to pay Paul, but in this situation, we are Peter and they are Paul.  Joe Fischer had been such a do-nothing representative that he admittedly sat on his hands, for nearly twenty years, while Johnson Elementary and Grant’s Lick Elementary have topped the lists of schools needing the greatest capital investments, saying at the Johnson Town Hall last Fall that, “he’s been hearing your complaints about Johnson since he’s been in the Legislature.”  If I were your representative, you would not have to wait twenty years for school improvements or road repairs of our most used thoroughfares despite being in a majority or not.  A proper representative can get things done despite who has the majority and can reach across the aisle for the common good.  I believe I can do that.

I look forward to properly serving this district.  I will fight to improve our schools, both public and private.  I will fight to create careers for the people of Kentucky, not just jobs.  I will fight for policies that balance budgets and create an economy where everyone has a chance to succeed.  I will fight to make this district, this county, this state places where people want to live, work, and play.  We will become self-sustainable by building each other up rather that tearing each other down.  I will do this for you because I am you.

Thank you.


The midterm election will take place on November 6, 2018. Many state, local and national races will be on the ballot. 

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