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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Justin Fortner: Why I'm Running for Commonwealth Attorney

By Justin Fortner 

I’m running for Commonwealth Attorney to make a difference.  My father spent thirty years as a prosecutor both in Kenton and Campbell Counties.  I grew watching him take pride in his work and serve his community.  My dad wasn’t in the Courtroom to get convictions, he was there to get justice.  Inspired by my dad, I entered the practice of law.  In that time, I have spent countless hours in the courtroom representing clients in front of juries, before the bench and by working out a compromise with the other side.  I’m not a one dimensional attorney, I’ve practiced in both State and Federal Court, in numerous matters both big and small.

Regardless of what Court I may be practicing in on a given day, the purpose remains the same, to get justice for my clients.  I can take those skills into the Commonwealth Attorney’s office and put them to work on day one.

I’m running because our county deserves a choice.  Many in Campbell County probably cannot remember the last time that they had a voice in who would represent them in the office of Commonwealth Attorney.  The incumbent was chosen by a Liberal Democrat governor and has not been on the ballot in a contested race.   I believe that the values of Campbell County are common sense conservative values and that is what I strive to represent.

I’m running to give the people of Campbell County an office that is fiscally responsible and is able to provide a higher level of services at a lower cost.  I plan to attract some of the best and brightest legal minds in the area to public service by giving them the opportunity to serve in a part-time, contract capacity while retaining fewer full-time prosecutors.  This would allow attorneys to retain their successful private civil practices and put their skills to work for the county.  Contract employees would save the County a significant amount of money by eliminating pension contributions and health insurance costs.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serving the people of Campbell County as your next Commonwealth Attorney.

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