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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ken Bowman: Why I Am Running for Fort Thomas City Council

Ken Bowman

By Ken Bowman

I am running for city council because I feel that I can continue to provide a valuable needed perspective to the operation of our local government. As a lifelong resident and small business owner in Fort Thomas for the past thirty years, my grasp of issues facing our residents and business operators has been sharpened from this experience.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the creation of our tomorrows. With the comprehensive plan being almost ready to take it’s final form, we are about to see a vision for many much needed improvements to this already great place to live. A lot of time has been invested this year by many civic minded volunteer citizens, as well as council, staff and some very talented outside consultants. While it’s great to develop a vision for things we would like to see happen, getting it done is usually about deciding on priorities. My highest priorities have in the past been safety related, such as speed limits on side streets that need to be adjusted, and cross walks that need safety enhancements. These as well as other related measures are closer than ever to being adjusted or improved. The committee that I served on during the visioning process was “transportation and connectivity.” I was happy to be involved in that process because it dealt with those issues as well as others related to bicycle and pedestrian safety accommodations that I feel are currently inadequate.

There are a lot of other areas of interest related to amenities in recreational facilities, and enhancement of city owned facilities that will better serve our people. Think zip lines, glamping, repurposing the stables building, bike lanes, road diets etc. etc. Things are great now, but there is always room to explore ways to make things even better.

I was pleased to hear a consensus from those involved in the visioning process that unlike other cities that always seek more development, we collectively feel that our balance of green space, residential and commercial is about where it should be. This means that the character of this town that we currently know and love should remain well into the future. There may be changes on the horizon, but our focus on density control and land use management seems to be where it should be. The changes that we see are expected to be well received by the public, because a lot of thought and planning is undertaken to make sure we maintain all that we cherish about Fort Thomas, while also striving to improve it.

I am always available and enjoy hearing from my neighbors around the city about issues that are important to them. is the best way to reach out for dialogue. I always do my best to get answers to resolve issues that come up in any neighborhood. We are currently working to improve transparency and find ways to better inform the public about important meetings and agenda items that sometimes go unnoticed by those that may be impacted by decisions made in those meetings. I feel safe in saying that there will be improvements in that area in the very near future.

I am again running a very quiet campaign. No yard signs. No knocking on doors. No direct mail. I feel fortunate that I can do this, as I have three times in the past, largely because of my years of involvement in all things Fort Thomas being already known by most of the voting population. This is great for me because visual blight has always been something that bothers me, and I don’t want to add to that if I don’t need to. Just consider me a volunteer to continue looking out for the best interest of my constituents.

People may vote for up to six candidates. This means you are free to vote for only one, two, or up to six individuals or a write in that you feel best fit your views. If unsure about any of the candidates, just vote for the ones that you are sure about. My hope is to be one of those.

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