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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Long-For Sale Building on Memorial Parkway Sells, Business to Open This Spring

The Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Thomas will open this spring.

 By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor 

A new veterinary clinic will open in Fort Thomas this spring. Veterinarian Kristi Baker, who owns a clinic in Independence, will open a second location at 2000 Memorial Parkway.

The Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Thomas will specialize in high service, low stress care of pets, providing general care, dentistry, behavioral care for dogs, cats and other pets including small mammals and some reptiles.

Work is now underway to renovate the space to include a treatment area, dentistry suite, four clinical exam rooms, Xray and surgery. Space is available to house dogs and cats separately for overnight medical care as well.

Dr. Baker has more than 10 years’ experience treating animals and says her aim is to make visits more pleasant and less stressful for both animals and their owners alike.

"We are excited to open a clinic in the community that we live in, and very excited to serve the community of Fort Thomas," she said.

A lot has changed since she took over her clinic in Independence in 2008. The business was on the verge of bankruptcy when she purchased it. Today, it is a vibrant and popular concern. Also since that time, she has married and started a family. While she plans to split her time between the two clinics, she is happy to be closer to her home in Fort Thomas.

Dr. Baker plans to hire another veterinarian part time to help, and she says hopes some of her Independence staff may also split their time between the two clinics. Her goal is to free up some of her own time for management of her growing business.

In addition to her husband and sons Simon and Sullivan, Dr. Baker shares her Fort Thomas home with two dogs, a cat, a fish, a gecko and two guinea pigs. For more information as details unfold, go to the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Thomas page on Facebook.

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