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Friday, October 12, 2018

Rachel Roberts: Why I'm Running for Kentucky State Senate (District 24)

By Rachel Roberts

My name is  Rachel  Roberts.  I’m  running  for  State  Senate  in  the  24th  district,  and  I’m  fighting  for  our  future.

I’m  going  to  work  my  heart  out  to  earn  your  vote,  win  this  election.  I’m  no  politician,  I’m  a  small  business  owner,  a  mentor,  and  a  community  leader.  I’ve  been  all  over  this  district  listening  to  people  say  they  want  better  jobs,  fair  taxation  policies,  solutions  to  the  epidemic  of  addiction,  and  a  strong  education  system.    I  am  running  for  office  because  our  region  needs  a  stronger  and  smarter  economy,  our  health  care  system  is  failing  everyday  Americans,  and  insider  politicians  in  Frankfort  are  bent  on  breaking  our  children’s  schools.

Like  so  many  people  I’ve  spoken  with  throughout  Northern  Kentucky,  I’m  exhausted  by  career  politicians  from  legacy  families  who  say  they’re  going  to  fix  things  and  then  do  nothing.  The  corruption  must  end.  I  come  from  a  long  line  of  proud  Kentuckians.  I  was  raised  by  parents  who  taught  me  the  core  values  of  hard  work,  responsibility,  and  honesty.

My  great-grandpa  was  a  fireman.  My  grandfather  was  a  naval  specialist  and  NASA  engineer.  My  mother  graduated  from  Chase  Law  School  and  spent  her  early  career  working  to  strengthen  labor  relations.  My  father  graduated  from  the  Kentucky  Military  Institute  and  is  a  county  addiction/mental  health  specialist.  Now,  in  a  time  of  great  need  for  our  region  and  state,  I  am  following  in  their  footsteps  to  do  what’s  right  and  serve  everyday  folks  like  you.

I  have  spent  my  life  building  a  strong  home,  successful  businesses  and  a  community  that  reflects  the  guiding  values  with  which  my  family  raised  me.  I’ve  spoken  with  thousands  of  concerned  citizens,  and  I  hear  you  when  you  say  we  need  to  find  new  and  innovative  ways  to  drive  revenue  so  we  can  actually  fix  our  crumbling  infrastructure.  We  need  to  get  creative  and  community-focused  if  we’re  going  to  dig  in  and  deliver  on  solving  the  opioid  epidemic.  And  we  have  to  stop  attacking  public  schools  and  teachers.  Instead,  we’re  going  to  work  smarter  and  harder  to  set  our  children  on  a  better,  stronger  path  forward.

I  will  fight  to  protect  retirements  for  seniors,  and  respect  and  honor  the  service  of  our  public  school  teachers.  Kentucky’s  teachers  receive  zero  Social  Security  benefits  and  I  will  work  to  find  a  new  revenue  stream  to  honor  our  promise  to  them.    One  of  Kentucky’s  top  economic  drivers  is  agriculture  and  farming.  In  talking  with  farmers,  I  hear  their  frustration  that  government  is  getting  in  the  way.  I  will  be  a  strong  voice  for  family  farms,  many  of  whom  are  small  business  owners  like  myself.  

What  I  witnessed  during  the  last  session  of  the  Kentucky  General  Assembly,  was  alarming.  We  no  longer  saw  democracy  in  action;  we  saw  a  majority  party,  with  control  of  the  House,  the  Senate  and  the  Governor’s  office  run  roughshod  over  process  and  the  people  of  our Commonwealth.

Within  their  total  power  grab,  the  elected  members  of  our  General  Assembly  stopped  listening  to  teachers,  first  responders,  working  people,  senior  citizens  and  retirees  and  instead  listened  only  to  the  big  money  interests  which  have  permeated  our  governing  process.    Part  of  the  rushed,  secret,  legislation  known  as  the "sewer bill" is  now  before  the  Kentucky  Supreme  Court,  in  a  challenge  to  the  constitutionality  of  the  manner  in  which  the  legislation  was  passed  by  the  majority.

As  citizens,  we  expect  our  legislators  to  abide  by  the  constitution  and  allow  for  an  open  process  with  respect  to  our  laws  and  the  budget.    My  goal  is  to  bring  resources  back  to  our  region  for  infrastructure  improvements  and  schools,  and  develop  real  solutions  for  the  people  who  live  here.  I  am  accessible  and  open  to  the  citizens  of  this  district.

You  can  reach  me  directly  at or  by  calling  me  at  859-878-2588.

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