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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sam Shelton: Why I Am Running for Fort Thomas City Council

Sam Shelton

By Sam Shelton 

I am running for Fort Thomas City Council to bring a different voice and a new perspective to council.

During the sesquicentennial, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of people who are passionate about Fort Thomas history and also dedicated to our city and interested in what it will become in the next five, ten and even 150 years.

Many people I have spoken with over the past several years have expressed interest and concern about wanting to see Fort Thomas have one consistent look throughout the city. Meaning the same style of benches, same drinking fountains, same streetscapes and park areas that are already in many sections of the city. I believe we need all of Fort Thomas to have one consistent look—Fort Thomas should look like Fort Thomas from border to border.

Sidewalks and crosswalks are vital to community growth. I want to make it possible for citizens of all ages to leave their houses and walk to a school, church, post office, local businesses and walk every evening without having to walk in the street. Keeping our citizens safe is always a priority.

We live in a time where transportation is changing, and fitness is vital to the health of our citizens. Adding a bike share programs, like Red Bike, to our city adds one more opportunity for Fort Thomas citizens and visitors to navigate through town and decrease car traffic.

I agree we need to work to get the reservoir walking trail back open for citizen use. In order to do so, we need to continue to talk with all the parties involved and stay committed to the process until a positive outcome is reached.

Fort Thomas needs to be a more forward-thinking community as it relates to businesses to bring people to the area. I don’t believe Fort Thomas wants to be known as a “party district” but we need to bring businesses to the area that will draw customers from outside the city limits to spur or revitalize Fort Thomas economy. There's no reason the Business Districts of Fort Thomas can’t become shopping destinations like the shopping districts on Vine Street in Cincinnati or Hyde Park. I would love to see the city hire a Public Relations Manager to promote the businesses, both current and future, to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area. We have so many great opportunities within our city, so many great events that we already sponsor—we just need to expand on them and promote them to a larger audience.

Whether it’s volunteering time, donating money, or participating in the many events within our city, we need a simple way for people to get involved in their community through means of social media or revamping the city website to make it easier to access information of upcoming events, city initiatives, and departments. The sign outside of the City building needs to be updated to a digital sign so more current information can be displayed more accurately.

Lastly, we need to preserve, create, and explore history, art, and nature for our future generations, while providing a sound financial future and commitment to growth in Fort Thomas. Let’s make our city a destination for artisans, small business and nature lovers alike.

For more information about my platform: visit or contact me at the Shelton for Fort Thomas Facebook page.


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