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Friday, October 19, 2018

Scary Accident on Combs-Hehl Bridge Reminiscent of Fatal 2016 Crash

An accident similar to the March 2016 crash that killed a man after being rear-ended on the Combs-Hehl Bridge on I-275 occurred Wednesday during rush hour.

A Batavia woman said her car was hit from behind as she was driving home on eastbound I-275. According to reports, she took the contra-lane on the westbound side of the bridge.

Her car very nearly careened over the cement boundary of the bridge, with astonishing pictures depicting two wheels almost on top of the edge.

Two other drivers who saw the crash helped the driver out of the car. She was was not injured. According to reports, the driver who rear-ended the other driver was not injured either.

Campbell County Police did not cite anyone involved in the accident.

In 2016, a car driven by 32-year-old David Bouma of Milford plunged into the Ohio River after being rammed by a semi, which was operating as a large tow truck.

No charges were be filed against the driver of that truck either, which also occurred on the Combs-Hehl.

The car remained submerged in approximately 45 feet of water for almost two weeks before crews could pull it out of the river.

The final police report said everyone involved in the chain-reaction crash was wearing a seat belt.

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