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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Anointed Touch Massage Merges with Performance Chiropractic

BEST OF ALL WORLDS: Massage, Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic Services

Anointed Touch Massage, currently located in Highland Plaza will be merging with Dr. Steve Hannegan of Performance Chiropractic. Anointed Touch owner, Tiffany Maple, is thrilled with the opportunity as it will allow her to offer a wider variety of services and a more complete scope of care to her clients.

Over her many years as an athletic trainer and licensed massage therapist Maple has seen a broad spectrum of injuries and the power of massage to both prevent and rehabilitate but says:

At times, massage can be limited in that it can address some symptoms and effects of dysfunction or injury, but can’t always correct the underlying cause. Chiropractic and rehab can help widen the resources to our clients to address these underlying causes. When you have access (and utilize!) all three, we see huge improvements in pain and quality of life. 

Performance Chiropractic is located less than three miles from the current location of Anointed Touch and offers chiropractic services, rehabilitation and now massage. Dr. Hannegan and Maple have worked together before and are currently are the official team chiropractor and massage therapist for the Cincinnati Cyclones. 

We spoke with Dr. Hannegan about his thoughts on the new addition to Performance Chiropractic:

"The addition of Tiffany to our team creates an even stronger environment for natural healing. Chiropractic and massage are synergistic for healing the body so it just makes sense. Tiffany’s knowledge as an athletic trainer and previous experience really sets her apart from other massage therapists and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our team. I look forward to working closely with Tiffany every day and I know together we will make quite an impact on our patients and the community.”

The transition will be seamless for current Anointed Touch clients and Maple is looking forward to meeting her clients in the new space. Maple's passion, expertise, and professionalism is evident in all her endeavors. She is thrilled to be able to introduce a new world of therapeutic techniques to her clients for the overall betterment of their quality of life. Maple says:

I love what i do. I love being a massage therapist and I’m excited to team up with someone that loves his calling as much as I do. We also are the team chiropractor and massage therapist for the Cyclones so that’s an area that we already collaborate.

Performance Chiropractic is located at: 

419 Licking Pike Suite B, Wilder, KY 41071.
Call: (859) 360-0664
Visit to schedule your appointment!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! Monthly I benefit from Tiffany's expertise in massage. Looking forward to seeing your new space!