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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Belladance New Location on Memorial Parkway Will Double Space

Boys tap dance class held at Belladance studio. (Photo: FTM file)

By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor  

Belladance has purchased a new building for their popular Fort Thomas-based dance studio.

The studio will move to the new location at 1960 Memorial Parkway some time after Christmas. The building has most recently housed Kiddie College day care center and preschool. The Kellers purchased the building to accommodate their growing roster of more than 200 dance students.

The space offers increased parking space for up to 50 cars and doubles the size of studio space.

Barre 3 Ft. Thomas, located in the Fort Thomas Plaza. 
In September, the city of Fort Thomas, on a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission, granted the location a change of zoning from a Residential zone (R1-C) to a Professional Office (PO) zone.

The commission made the recommendation based on three factors: The residential zoning classification was inappropriate because the building has direct access off Memorial Parkway, topographic considerations make the property a poor choice for residential development and there is no continuity with surrounding zones that make the residential designation appropriate.

As with all changes in zoning designations, the commission held a public hearing open to the public for comment to discuss the situation before making its recommendation. All were in favor of the zoning change. The daycare center had been designated a “conditional use” for the residential zone, a move that allows specific exceptions within a particular zoning district.

For more on Belladance and updates on their move, see the Belladance website. The studio is currently located at 18 North Fort Thomas Avenue.

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