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Friday, November 2, 2018

Brad Fennell: Why I Am Running for Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board of Education

Brad Fennell

My wife, Nikki (Roberts) and I are lifelong residents of Fort Thomas. We both graduated from Highlands High School and we've graduated all four of our daughters from there (Mackenzie, Madison, Macy, Meg). I've been a Fort Thomas business owner for 30 years. We are vested in the community and well aware of the part our community schools play in the vitality of our city.

The community has entrusted me through several terms to lead the educational experience of their most valuable assets: their children. I don't take that for granted. In cooperation with other board members, community leaders, citizens, students and staff we have reached historic goals in my tenure as a Fort Thomas School Board member.

There is more to be done! I look forward to continuing my work with fellow board members, incredible staff and passionate community on exciting projects currently in the works and new, forward thinking ones yet to be conceived.

The board and staff are in the midst of an exciting, innovative, collaborative project that will expose our students to real world, entrepreneurial experiences. A true project based learning environment incorporating business, industry and educational leaders in the instructional learning process. This is a passion of mine, and I've been involved in this project since inception. I want to see the job through.

We have one more school facility project to undertake, Johnson Elementary. I've been a part of the leadership team on all six of our other projects and I'm committed to finishing this job as well.

I am the experienced candidate. My years of effective board leadership are proof of my ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively to accomplish goals and objectives in line with our mission and vision.

Improved communication with city leadership and stakeholders has proved invaluable. Many projects have been completed through collaborative efforts that would have been impossible otherwise.

My experience in real estate appraisal and consulting has proved beneficial in addressing the many nuances of our building projects; keeping them on time, on budget and ensuring they fit architecturally within our unique community.

My lead on negotiations with city leadership and developers secured essential revenue that may have otherwise been lost through bond agreements.

I am never satisfied with the status quo. We have incredibly knowledgeable citizens and staff. I will continue to elicit their greatness and work collaboratively to provide a state of the art, exceptional learning environment with individualized opportunities for all of our students.

I encourage you to exercise your fundamental right and vote on Nov. 6. I respectfully ask for your vote.

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