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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Budding Journalist, Moyer Third Grader, Zac Crawford

By Zac Crawford, Moyer 3rd Grader

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the Moyer 3rd grade classes went to a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game at US Bank Arena!  It was an awesome field trip!

Before we got to go, we had our parents sign a permission slip.  My mom was a chaperone.  The bus left at 9:30 and when we got there, we missed the beginning of the game, but when we got in it was 1-0 already!

During the game there was a lot of action!  We watched people talk about fun and educational things.  They did science demonstrations on the ice too!  There were 3 periods and in between each one the mascots would come out with shirts they would throw to the fans!

At the end of the game the Cyclones won 9-0!  We boarded the bus and went to school.  On the way to school everyone talked about the game and I sat with my friend, Callum C, and we talked about the game a lot.

The field trip was amazing.  The game had a lot of action and it was very fun.

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