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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Chainsaw Safety Workshop and Invasive Species Removal Set for November 17 at Rossford Park Sponsored by Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy

Here’s an opportunity for you to brush up on your mechanical skills and improve the natural health of the community.

First, the skills. The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy (FTFC) is sponsoring a chainsaw safety workshop at 10:00 at Rossford Park. Bring your protective eyewear and gloves if you have them, but FTFC will have some on hand for you to use. Dress accordingly as well. Meet near the ballfields.  The training will focus on chainsaw safety and operation for invasive woody plant control.

Mark Leopold will conduct the workshop as well as supervise the eradication. He says participants will learn “safe chainsaw handling and cutting procedures for bush honeysuckle, callery pear, multiflora rose, autumn olive, tree-of-heaven, and other woody invasive plants.  Types and methods of herbicides to treat the cut stump will also be included.”

The workshop will last about half an hour. Then it’s off to the woods to put those skills to work. Leopold says, “all trainees will get time practice cutting.” He also encourages participants to  “bring work gloves and safety glasses and dress especially warm.”  

Second, the community improvement.  FTFC will lead the group to remove invasive species in the easement area to make way for a new nature and you can put your newly acquired or polished skills to work. Invasive species are a real threat to native habitat as well as to a nature trail and the run off stream in the park. The plan is to attack as much as possible that day.

The event starts at 10:00 at the baseball field in Rossford Park at Field #2.

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