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Friday, November 2, 2018

John Weyer: Why I Am Running for Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board of Education

John Weyer and his family

My name is John Weyer, and I am running for re-election to the Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board of Education. As a lifelong resident of Fort Thomas and a 1984 graduate of Highlands High School, I have a great understanding of the importance and value of the school district to our community. Being a member of the Board of Education is such a rewarding position. I am running for re-election to work with all stakeholders to ensure that our schools provide the opportunities and resources our kids need to excel and prepare them for their future. In my first term I have been very involved in the auditing and accountability side of the district. I am passionate about curbing the "hidden costs" of public education. Proper use of school activity funds and student/athletic fees has been an area in which I have raised awareness.

My family has directly benefited from the outstanding education being provided by our schools. My son, Adam, is currently a junior at Highlands High School. The many class opportunities, extra curricular activities and the superior instruction he is receiving will have him prepared for life after HHS. I have two children (Justin and Abby) that are studying education at college to become professional educators like the teachers that inspired them as they progressed through our school system. My oldest daughter, Jenna, is also involved in education, serving as an athletic trainer to student athletes at a local high school.

The knowledge and experience I have gained by being an involved parent/volunteer has been very valuable and rewarding. I have been involved as a cafeteria volunteer and a youth sports coach. I served for three years on the Highlands Middle School SBDM. I have been chosen to represent the district on the Local Planning Commission for school facilities improvement in its last two sessions. I am a past president of the Highlands Athletic Boosters and a member of the HHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. Finally and most importantly, I am honored to have served the Fort Thomas community on the Board of Education for the last four years.

I would appreciate your vote on November 6th.


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