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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Newport Skyline Gives Away Free Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Newport Skyline owner Ghada Mardin and manager, Brian Clifton, are doing something extraordinary for those in need by providing turkeys for anyone who is in need.

Brian wrote on Facebook:

Thanks to the generous support of our community at Skyline chili here in Newport, it is only right we give back to the communities that support us.

With that said the owner Ghada Mardin has just purchased 24 Turkeys to give away to anyone who is needy and looks like they are not going to have a thanksgiving.

If you know ANYONE who you think is going to go without this year and they are truly needy and struggling send them up to Skyline Chili on Carothers Rd starting Monday the 19th.

We love you all and we thank you for the remarkable year you have blessed us with.

Brian and Ghada and Skyline Chili

It's the little things like this that make a community strong and supported.

Kudos to them!

1 comment:

  1. Brian and Ghada are truly great folks.

    We will also be holding an open Thanksgiving that we call our Orphans Thanksgiving. This will be our 7th year doing it.

    More info can ge found here.