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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

PHOTOS: See Inside the Four Available Alexander Circle Homes

8 and 9 Alexander Circle (pictured) have some of the best views of all the homes in Tower Park. 
The availability of the historic Alexander Circle homes in Fort Thomas' Tower Park has become increasingly more limited, even since publishing an update on the homes' sale trends two days ago on Monday.

Huff agent, Rebecca Weber, told Fort Thomas Matters that another home has gone under contract since Monday. She and fellow Huff agent, Joy Amann are the exclusive agents for the homes.

She and developer Ken Schon of Bloomfield/Schon, gave us an exclusive tour of some of the properties that were still available.

Twelve of the 16 homes are now under contract, which includes a new construction lot that had been torn down by the VA in the 1940s.

Weber said that many of the people who have bought these homes are young families.

"All of our buyers have deep ties to Fort Thomas. People have been interested and anticipating this for a long time," she said.

The four properties are 8 and 9 Alexander Circle, which will have some of the best views overlooking the Ohio River, and 33 and 34 which have some of the intact ornate details that have been preserved over the years.

Work has been slow but steady on the houses, says Weber. Roofs are being replaced and demolition is happening as the new floor plans develop.

The next step will be underground utilities. "That will be next as we button up the houses for winter and plan the construction schedule. The plan is to be ready to deliver in 12 to 18 months."

For more information on the houses, contact Weber at (859) 578-3927 or Amann at (859) 409-9370.

This is the lot that the new construction will sit upon. 

33 and 34 Alexander Circle. 

Weber and Schon. 

Ken Schon shows where the new construction of the decks and garages will be. 


The views from 8 Alexander Circle, which will be made better when more brush is cleared. 

The middle of the circle is public space that will be maintained by the City. 

The General's Quarters, 1 Alexander Circle, has sold for a price tag of over $2 million dollars. This home will be customized. 

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  1. Who is profiting from the sale of these formerly public assets? Is there a taxpayer price tag? Was there ever any talk about maintaining these buildings and properties for public use? Thanks for any answers you have, Mark (or others).