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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Throwback Fort Thomas Pictures, 1984-1987

Victory for the Birds in the state championship.  

From the Living Magazines archives. These photos are preserved in our archives. The majority of these photos are dated between 1984-1987. 

Diane Lieser, the only one who went in the pool for the grand opening of the Highland Country Club swim pool. May 25, 1985. 

March 1987. 

Christy Schulkers, Athlete of the Month. 


New City Attorney, Jann Seidenfaden, March 1987. 

Fort Thomas Junior Football. 

Bill Siry. 


St. Thomas Mother's Club. 

Geiman, State Champion. Jan. 1978. 

Ken Honchell, Hank Pogue and others. 

Fort Thomas Living, Ninth Anniversary, 1986. 

Kiel, cover of March 1987. 

Don Fangman and Mary Jo Wilson

Mike Hunter, "Athlete of the Month"

Judy Bateson, Rob Sibcy, Joyce Person. 

Jean and Jack Morrow, owners of Ponderosa Steakhouse.

City Councilwoman, Mary Brown. 


  1. I remember most of this! Someone needs to do this more often!!

  2. So how would we be able to find a picture of ourselves from the archives?

  3. The ninth picture, of the two tennis players, is Lynne Keuper and her father.