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Monday, November 5, 2018

Update: Brisk Sales for Alexander Circle Homes

Architect rendering of Alexander Circle home. This one is for unit 9.

 By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

If you want a home in Alexander Circle, better act fast! All the properties have now been put on the market, and 11 out of the 16 homes already have signed contracts.

Although the developer’s early plan was to release the homes for sale at a rate of about five properties at a time, interest was so high, it was decided to list all the properties as soon as possible.

"Response has been overwhelming," said Huff Realty’s Rebecca Weber. She and Joy Amann were selected to be the exclusive agents for the Alexander Circle properties.

When asked if this was a surprise, she said, "No, definitely not. Alexander Circle is a very special piece of ground that goes back decades. People have written to us to inquire. Many mentioned they a connection, a family member who had lived there. All of our buyers have deep ties to Fort Thomas. People have been interested and anticipating this for a long time."

Check our Rob's listings here or call him to have him show you something new! 859-240-3219. 
The project includes a range of six floor plans for 16 homes including 15 original houses and one new construction. 

Rendering of the new construction, unit 10, on the spot where the Administration Building once stood.

"The new construction is on the lot where the Administration Building had been. The Veterans Administration tore it down in the 1940s," explained Weber. "The developer has created a beautiful memory for that structure that fits into the rhythm of existing structures."

Work has been slow but steady on the houses, she says. Roofs are being replaced and demolition is happening as the new floor plans develop.

The next step will be underground utilities. "That will be next as we button up the houses for winter and plan the construction schedule. The plan is to be ready to deliver in 12 to 18 months."

For more information on the houses, contact Weber at (859) 578-3927 or Amann at (859) 409-9370.

Alexander Circle showing location of houses.

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