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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Cookie Kits, Mom's Sour Cream Cake & The Birth of Sweet Ace Cakes

Lindsey Cook, owner of Sweet Ace Cakes


Six longingly strung together words that launched a thousand sour cream cakes.

Lindsey Cook grew up in Fort Thomas in a family that knew how to navigate a kitchen. The family sat down to dinner time ports of pot roast, kielbasa with sauerkraut, and Grandpa's Pepper Soup. Lindsey's mom, Jill Hoefker was the captain of the kitchen, a creative wiz that could pull together fall-off-the-bone pork chops, chicken casserole aka Chicken Goop, beef stew with cornbread, homemade canned jams and jellies, and always something sweet to properly close the meal.

Meals were rarely planned. Growing up, Lindsey and her brother, City Council member, Jeff Bezold were often in the kitchen absorbing the art of cooking with their mom. Lindsey remembers:

There was a lot of informal experimentation based on what we had on hand. Recipes were used for guidance. Timers were reminders to check on something, not an indicator of done-ness. My brother and I learned to use recipes, but also how to work with food intuitively. We always had to help and were always in the kitchen, so an unconscious confidence developed. We are willing to try new things, not worried if something didn't turn out. We made changes on the fly and didn't freak out about getting things just right.

Jill catered full time for over 15 years serving hand tossed salads, freshly fried chicken, and homemade meatloaf at corporate events hosted by Convergy's, Loreal, Toyota, and Emerson Power Train. She was known and loved for her food, especially her Sour Cream Cake.

If you ask Lindsey about her mom's Sour Cream Cake she'll probably make you one:

If you don't already know it and love it, let me introduce you.
May I present the Auntie Mom's Sour Cream Cake, not too sweet, not at all frou-frou, just about perfect with a cup of coffee or glass of milk. Enjoy it morning, noon, and night.

Serving suggestion: Store under a large mixing bowl in an accessible place in the kitchen with a butter knife. Cut a slice every time you walk by. Enjoy while you are standing there, let your eyes roll back in your head in delight.

Auntie Mom's Sour Cream Cake - available at Sweet Ace Cakes

Jill passed away recently and Lindsey started recreating her dishes, digging through memories and dog eared cookbooks. A new appreciation for the tweaks on simple home cooking that made her mom's mashed potatoes unforgettable, gave vegetable soup the uncanny ability to cure whatever ailed you, and the special seasoning blend that transformed chicken nuggets into little bites of pure gold.

Her sweets were equal measure delight and surprise. You might find Oreos, marshmallows, or Snickers in her brownies. Other delectables included chocolate lollipops, caramels and there was also the infamous "especially fine" carrot cake which is a story for another time. Jill wasn't a fancy cook, she was someone who keenly understood the power of simple ingredients.


A few months ago Lindsey started writing the Lindsey Cooks with Colonel De food column for Fort Thomas Matters and launched her business, Sweet Ace Cakes. Sweet Ace Cakes is a one woman show of confection perfection. Order your Black Forest Cake, Honeysuckle Cake, Sour Cream Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Super Fudge Brownies, or Peppermint Frosties and pick it up at your leisure at Grassroots & Vine on South Fort Thomas Ave.

Just a few offerings from Sweet Ace Cakes

Sweet Ace Cakes is the local answer to homemade cakes, cookies, and brownies made to order with the freshest ingredients. Going out for dinner or lunch? Pick up a slice or two or three at Grassroots & Vine. Lindsey delivers chocolate layer cake and honeysuckle cake (lovingly named for the farm her mom grew up on) to the local restaurant several times a week.

DIY CHRISTMAS COOKIE KITS: Your New Favorite Holiday Tradition

Sweet Ace Cakes Christmas Cookie Kits

Just in time for the holidays Lindsey has created an easy, delicious, DIY Christmas cookie making kit! Love making cookies with your kids but feel like pulling your hair out by the time you get to the decorating? As a mom of three Lindsey understands and created a kit that includes:

12 Totally delicious sugar cookies (plus mustaches for Santa), 4 tubs of frosting, 4 tubs of custom blended sprinkles, 8 spreaders. Lay down some newspaper to play it safe or live on the edge and just have at it.

Bake, decorate, eat! Sweet Ace Cakes Christmas Cookie Kit

Whether you are hosting a holiday party, celebrating a birthday or just want some cake, Sweet Ace Cakes is your happy place. Lindsey learned from the best and her food comes from the heart. You really can taste the difference. And feel it. She made my daughter a beautiful, delicious birthday cake that going by memory weighed 10 lbs. 10 lbs of thoughtfully made butter, eggs, and magic.

Best sugar cookies ever by Sweet Ace Cakes!

Get a piece. Visit Sweet Ace Cakes 
Purchase: Sweet Ace Cakes Christmas Cookie Kit

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  1. Jill was one of my best friends and we many times benefitted from her on the fly cooking. Never ever ever had a bad meal with her. Lindsey and Jeff have certainly caught the cooking bug from their mom. Lindsey has just taken her talent a few steps further. You just can’t go wrong with anything you order from Sweet Ace Cakes. So proud of you Lindsey! Your mom, Grandpa John and Grandma Jean are smiling down on you. Dinner in heaven must be scrumptious.