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Monday, December 10, 2018

Moyer Student Art Project Highlights Local Businesses

Moyer Elementary students wrote their own presentation on their community art project. 

Constellations, stars, planets and a rainbow represent the schools central office in artwork designed by Moyer students for their community art project.

 By Robin Gee

Second grade students at Moyer Elementary are learning about community roles and involvement. The theme fit well into an annual community art project at Moyer highlighting area businesses and organizations.

Moyer Principal Dawn Laber and visual arts teacher Nikki Everett introduced some of the students at the November school board meeting where they presented on their work. For their project, the students visited businesses, learned about their operations and created artworks for each business.

The works they created were the result of a process designed and led by the students. They formed small groups to come up with ideas, decide on what to do, how to execute their plans and, finally, to share their work as a gift to the community.

"In our Moyer classroom we try to think like artists.…The students took risks to come up with ideas, and they had to share them with their peers. That’s really hard to do. When you have great ideas and must decide on one," said Everett.

The students wrote their presentation about the project and what they learned in the process. One group took their idea in unexpected ways. They were asked to do a piece of art for the Bluebirds teams. Instead of focusing on the football or other sports program, the students tied the bluebird to mathematics.

In another artwork, a group represented the Fort Thomas Independent Schools central office with the night sky, a star, rainbow and constellations that spelled out F.T.I.S. In yet another, the students created a futuristic vignette to represent the new 20 Grand building, which houses programs aimed at students interested in science and technology careers.

Students created works for 24 area businesses including the VA Hospital, Colonel De’s, Graeter’s Ice Cream and Alterations by Frances. The students who presented at the meeting were Josie B., Lilly D., Avni J., Aaron K., Ella Kate R. and Ali P.

"We are trying to really focus on our competencies with Portrait of a Graduate," said Superintendent Karen Cheser. "We did that with this student showcase, Not only were these students courageous leaders but also creative problem solvers."

Student artwork depicts the new 20 Grand project and the Highlands Bluebirds.

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