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Monday, December 24, 2018

The Sock Kid Returns: Fort Thomas 9-Year-Old Donates Over 2,000 Items to Hosea House

Amy, Aidan and Ian Silverton. FTM file. 
By Jessica Stringfield-Eden

It’s that time of year when we’re reminded to think of others but it takes a very special person to go out of their way and really devote themselves to making a difference. Well, a very special KID technically.

We’re talking about “The Sock Kid” of Fort Thomas.

Aiden Silverton, 9 (AKA “The Sock Kid”), has devoted his time and energy to collecting 1,879 pairs of socks, 54 pairs of gloves, 40 hats, 32 coats and 21 scarves, some undershirts and snow boots to donate to the homeless at Hosea House in Newport. This is the second year he’s collected donations.

Why? Aidan says he’s always liked helpings homeless people.

“Me, my mom, sisters and my sister’s friend went to see a play downtown one night and I saw a homeless person and I just wanted to help them.” he said.

The community has rallied around and supported Aiden in his sock mission but Aiden and his family brought the mission to life. “Aidan has always been very adamant about helping the homeless,” said Amy Silverton, Aidan’s mother. “We told him if he would like to help, he could use $40 he had made on a paper route to buy socks for the homeless...and then we matched it to help him buy even more socks.”

It wasn’t long before even MORE socks, scarves, coats and gloves were coming in. Through ‘calls for donations’ via Amy’s Facebook posts and a strategically placed collection box on their front porch, the Silverton family grew their collection with the help of the community. “Sometimes friends bring socks to school to give me or they drop them off in the box on our porch,” said Aiden. “One guy even donated 600 socks!” 

The man who donated 600 socks has always supported Aiden’s endeavors. “He’s a family friend and he’s been so good to Aiden,” said Amy. “He asked ‘how many did he have last year..oh, well, I’ll match that.”

Besides being “The Sock Kid”, Aiden is a pretty ambitious kid. His hobbies include soccer, basketball and he’s even working towards his Black Belt in Taekwondo. In school, his favorite subject is science and he hopes to be an engineer someday.

Ian, Aiden’s father, assisted with the drop off to Hosea House. The Silvertons had to take two vehicles to transport the donations. “I heard an advertisement for Hanes or something the other day bragging about how they’ve donated thousands of socks and I thought ‘well you guys make them. I have a 9-year old that collected and donated almost 2,000!”
Aidan loading some of the donated items with some help. FTM file. 

There is no denying the fact this kid is pretty extraordinary.

“Aiden did this last year and this year he’s quadrupled his efforts! This is so much more than just socks,” said Hosea House Director Bruce Stelzer. “These socks provide comfort, warmth and healthy feet. Even the best day for the homeless that we serve is a trying day. This means so much.” 

Aidan and Bruce. 
Hosea House happily accepts donations that correspond with the current weather (meaning cold-weather items in the colder months and warm-weather items when its warm, socks are always a great donation) between 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Aiden is even considering collecting donations in the summer and he’s already thinking about collecting donations for next winter. Why? Aiden had a simple reply.

“I just like to help other people who don’t have as much as I do.”

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