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Thursday, January 17, 2019

City Council Takes Oath of Office, Celebrates Final Community Plan

Campbell County District Court Judge Cameron Blau administers the oath of office to Mayor Eric Haas.

By Robin Gee, Council Beat Editor

At the January Fort Thomas City Council meeting, the first order of business was the swearing in of the mayor and the 2019 board of council. Two new members, Adam Blau and Mark Collier, joined the council this month.

Campbell County District Court Judge Cameron Blau opened the meeting by administering the oath of office to Mayor Eric Haas who began his service on the Fort Thomas city council in 1997.

The 2019 Fort Thomas Board of Council. Left to right: Ken Bowman, Mark Collier, David Cameron, Mayor Eric Haas, Jeff Bezold, Adam Blau, Roger Peterman
The judge then gave the oath of office to the new council that included the newly elected Blau and Collier as well as Ken Bowman, Jeff Bezold, David Cameron and Roger Peterman.

Family members and friends of the council members were on hand to wish them well. It was a special day for Judge Blau as he had the opportunity to give the oath of office to his brother.

Announcing a final Fort Thomas Community Plan

New beginnings were the order of the day with the announcement by City Administrator Ron Dill that the final Fort Thomas Community Plan had been approved by the Planning Commission.

The previous City Council approved the plan in December.

He introduced Frank Twehues of CT Consultants to present the document.

Twehues congratulated council. "I’m really excited to serve as the city engineer. I’ve been a resident here for 10 years. I didn’t grow up here, but I am proud to raise my family here and be able to participate in this project," he said.

"On behalf of myself and CT, as well as consultants from Human Nature, I must say this was a really fun project to work on. In the December 19th planning meeting the commission voted to approve the Fort Thomas Community Plan…It is now in your hands."

Mayor Haas said, "What I am excited about is we are now in the implementation phase. We are now beyond the point of talking about it. We’ve done the work. We’ve had community input. Now it’s time to implement."

City committees to reflect key plan areas

Haas and Dill explained that council committees have been reformulated where needed to support each of the six key areas outlined in the community plan document.

In addition to the traditional business of these committees, each committee will take on the responsibility of overseeing one of the key plan areas. This will keep projects in each area moving and will offer the opportunity to focus on ideas and opportunities as they arise. Each council member has been assigned to chair of one of the committees.

The six committees and the council members serving on each committee are:

  • Finance – Roger Peterman (chair), Jeff Bezold, David Cameron
  • Law, Labor and License – David Cameron (chair), Mark Collier, Roger Peterman
  • Public Safety – Adam Blau (chair), Ken Bowman, Roger Peterman
  • Public Utilities and Buildings – Mark Collier (chair), Ken Bowman, David Cameron
  • Public Works – Ken Bowman (chair), Jeff Bezold, Adam Blau
  • Recreation – Jeff Bezold (chair), Adam Blau, Mark Collier

A full copy of the final Fort Thomas Community Plan is available on the city website.

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