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Monday, January 7, 2019

New Pop-Up Restaurant To Open Soon in Former Mitchell's Fish Market

When North American Properties purchased Newport on the Levee in December, the real estate developers promised change and that's exactly what's happening on the northern Kentucky banks of the Ohio River.

Last week after 17 years, Mitchell's Fish Market shuttered permanently. The largest ice rink in Kentucky was also recently added to the property.

The large metal marlin sculpture has been taken away and now Levee management has said there are already plans to fill the space, albeit temporarily.

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Construction has begun in earnest for a new pop-up restaurant which will open in the next few weeks, in that location.

Natalie Hastings, director of marketing for Newport on the Levee, said that Newport on the Levee will have its own brand, one that lets people know they are in northern Kentucky.

"Obviously we love to be down here in the urban core. We love Cincinnati, but I think that part of what we can bring here is just some of that special Kentucky charm," she said.

North American Properties said that it plans to invest more than $100 million in the 360,000-square-foot mixed-use property along the Ohio River.

"As a Cincinnati-based company, we are dedicated to investing in the region and are committed to elevating the entire Newport on the Levee experience for the local community," Tom Williams, president and CEO of North American Properties, said in a written statement. "Newport on the Levee is a regional landmark and we are proud to bring our local ownership and passion to the re-imagination of a truly irreplaceable property."

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North American Properties plans to announce renovations, construction and new tenants over the next few months. Hastings noted that space on the inside of the first floor of the mall will also be utilized for "mind and body" classes, which will be open to individuals and families.

North American Properties managing partner and chief investment officer Tim Perry said that when the revamp of Newport on the Levee is complete, there will be nothing like this in the entire midwest.

“Our vision focuses on the 'New' within Newport on the Levee. New chef-driven restaurants, new vibrant entertainment options, new creative workspaces that will all enhance the existing property that sits on top of 2,200 covered parking spaces with irreplaceable city and river views," Perry said.

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