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Friday, February 22, 2019

Emergency Response On Scene at St. Catherine School This Morning

A call to Campbell County dispatch this morning sent a hurried response of police, fire and to St. Catherine School this morning at around 9:15 this morning.

Rich Whitford of Fort Thomas Police said the initial call that came in stated that six children were unconscious.

"That initial call really had us concerned," said Whitford. "When we hear that, we have to wonder what kind of scene we are going to walk into." 

When first responders came upon the scene their attention was turned immediately to two young female students, one of which had passed out hit her head and one that felt woozy.

Whitford said that police began talking with school officials who noted that the situation is one they had seen before.

"During the winter months when the students come in for Friday Mass with their coats on, they can sometimes get overheated as they kneel or stand up too quickly," said Whitford. "School officials understood what was going on immediately and we found there was no threat."

Police said that the student who passed out was taken to St. Elizabeth for some medical attention, but she is expected to be okay. Her parents were on scene with her before being taken to the hospital.

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