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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Fort Thomas Firefighters Set to Climb Carew Tower

The Fort Thomas Fire Department will be competing in the American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb in Cincinnati this weekend on February 10.

Technically, it's a fundraiser for the health advocacy group, but about two dozen fire departments in the region have turned it into an annual battle for bragging rights.

The Fort Thomas Fire Department has had multiple teams over the past years participate in this event.

You can sponsor the Fort Thomas team by giving here, which is a tax-deductible donation.

"Training and climbing together helps build crew camaraderie and build synergy. The fitness training enhances our ability to provide the fire department services by increasing health and reducing injury," said Fort Thomas Fire Fighter, Kyle Kaufman.

For the competition the department will climb Cincinnati's Carew Tower, the city's second-tallest building. The event consists of climbing 45 of the tower's 49 floors. That's 804 steps. And in the Firefighter and First Responder Division, you wear an air pack, a helmet, and a heavy firefighter's coat, pants, and boots.

"Working in smoky environments and hazardous atmospheres makes us firefighters very aware of the importance of our lungs and keeping them healthy," said Kaufman. "Our gear and packs add about 55 pound.  the weight is distributed but it is different “exercising” in gear that is heavier than a winter coat and pants."

Fort Thomas will have a team of four climbing the Carew Tower.

Kaufman said they have been training at the station climbing the stairs from the lower garage to the second floor of the firehouse repeatedly.

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