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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Learn How to Turn Sap Into Syrup

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy turns ten years old this year and they will celebrate with a “10 for 10” public events. This is the first event. It’s free and you don’t have to make a reservation. 

How does tree sap become maple syrup? Find out Sunday, February 24 in a hands on hour demonstration.

Trisha Schroeder, event organizer and an FTFC Director, says, “Participants will learn all about sap and how it becomes syrup.   They will learn why the sap is rising for only this short time in February/March by briefly learning about the life cycle of a tree. The program will go over tools to tap a tree and demonstrate how to tap a tree. The program will end by heading outside to the woods in Tower Park to learn how to identify a maple tree in winter. They will discover a small grove of maple trees with one that has been tapped and, if it is running that day, to taste the sap straight from the tree. Whether the tree is running that day or not, the participants will get to taste the three stages of maple syrup production.” 

The trees in our city are a valuable resource on so many levels. Schroeder says, ”When they leave the program, I hope they look at February as a time of reawakening and spring stirrings even though it may not be felt yet. I want them to look at trees differently by noticing their unique bark and shape. When pouring real maple syrup over their pancakes in summer, I hope they contemplate this delicious tree food that was once rising up a maple in the still, cold winter. “

“I’m also going to leave them with a mission for in the upcoming weeks.  It is a simple mission, but one that I look forward to each year."

Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash

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