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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Riverside Marketplace in Dayton Set to Close its Doors

A neighborhood grocery store known historically for its low prices, superior bakery and deli means has announced it will be closing.

Riverside Market co-owner, Nick Vaghela, confirmed with Fox 19's Amber Jayanth, that he is left with few options.

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"We are not surviving. We have too much expenses and we're not getting much money," Vaghela told Fox 19.

He says when he took over ownership last year the store was bringing in close to $13,000 daily. Now he says their sales have dropped nearly 50 percent.

Rumors surrounding the stores closure have been circulating for months. In January, Riverside Market stated on social media that they were trying to avoid shutting down.

"As of today and tomorrow, no, we are not closing.  Sales are down (and) negative things are being said. We have lost so much business (and) if the community cannot support us and shop there, I can’t say what the future holds. I’m staying positive but you’ve seen the community posts 80% are negative things so all I can say is we are trying to keep us and running."

Vaghela says that they are considering using some of the space to open a liquor store with a few essential items.

Riverside Market has thrived in its location 118 Sixth Street for years, but after some ownership changes that is no longer the case leaving some residents wondering where their grocery shopping routines will take them. The store was formerly known as Riverside Super Value.

There are two neighboring Kroger stores, one in Newport, which is 2.2 miles away, and one in Bellevue, which is 1.0 miles away.

There is not a firm closing date, but inventory is currently being slashed.

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