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Monday, February 11, 2019

This Fort Thomas Interior Designer Shares Tips to Spark Creativity in Your Home

Wow I Love It Interior Designs - 859-640-1584

By Shari Thompson 

February is the month for celebrating love.

As an interior designer, one of the first questions I get asked is what is my personal style. I always answer that it is a vast collection of things that I love. I believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home. We should not be guided by what magazines or Pinterest tell us what is “in”, but we should be guided the things that makes our heart sing, that calms us, and that sparks creativity.

One of the first questions I ask on an initial consultation is for my clients to show me what they love. Incorporating those items is a good indicator for success at the end of a design project. It can be a rug, a piece of art, wallpaper or a simple bouquet of flowers. Scour your basement and your parent’s attic. Your collection of items from travels, frames from old photos, mirrors that once reflected the faces of ones you love are all possibilities to add unique items to your home. I cannot tell you how many unique items I have had clients pull out of storage and breathe new life into found items.

As I look around my own house, it is full of things, old and new that I love! These things evoke happy memories and bring me immense joy! They serve as a constant reminder of how blessed I am to have the family and friends I have and to live in a community such as Fort Thomas.

Transforming our home over the past few years has been a labor of love.

I was able to truly hone in on the things that I love and incorporate them into our new home. I love the kelly green walls in my kitchen. While, Chuck was apprehensive about it at first, he trusted my instinct. It is the backdrop to colorful artwork by local artists, a cup full of my grandma’s sliver spoons, and a metal display box that displays various treasures for the season. At Christmas time it is home to various snowmen my niece has given me throughout the years. Beneath it is an art table for my grandkids that I had built out of some corbels I found and simple piece of wood painted white. They love that there is always paint, crayons, colored pencils and stickers available and play dough upon request!

Another favorite spot is the china cabinet I designed specifically for this house. I backed it in a decorative arabesque marble and glass tile and had extra thick glass cut to display the items I love! If you stop by for a glass of wine, I will happily serve it to you in one of my Waterford Crystal wine glasses that were a gift from my parents... I love them, I love the glasses, I love that you are here... cheers! Glass vases store more of my Grandma Witte’s spoon collection that she collected from her travels to such hot spots as Zanesville, OH, Atlanta and Yellowstone Park. The silver salt and pepper shakers shine as brightly as my memories of my Grandparents house on Highland Avenue. Chucks’ mom gave him two silver pickle forks one of the last Christmases she spent with us. We never figured out why he was the chosen recipient, but they make us smile. Plates I have picked up here and there provide a colorful backdrop for all of my treasures.

Our feelings are greatly influenced by our surroundings. As a designer, I use color, lighting, a mix of patterns and textures in harmony to craft a space the desired mood. Just recently, while Chuck was out of town, I painted our bedroom SW Creamy. It is the perfect match to the floor to ceiling tile surrounding the linear fireplace, the lightly woven, tassel topped cream window treatments and new off white textured bedding. A striking contrast to the gorgeous old, dark stained hardwood floors that I love. A polka dot crystal lamp that I won at a silent auction continues to brings me joy!

I added one of my prize jade plants and favorite photos alongside the growing stack of books I intend to find time to read. A patterned rug was the final touch to create a calming space I love to unwind at the end of the day!

At the end of your day, wherever it is you call home... I hope you say “Wow! I Love It!” and enjoy the time with those you love every day!

Wow I Love It Interior Designs - 859-640-1584

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